UKMTO: GPS and AIS were Disrupted Near Saudi Arabia

The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) issued a circular concerning a recent incident of electronic navigation system disruption experienced by a vessel in the maritime domain. According to the report received from the vessel’s master, the disruption occurred between 2nd April 2024 23:00UTC and 3rd April 2024 01:00UTC, approximately 95 nautical miles east of Ras Al Zour, Saudi Arabia.

The affected electronic navigation systems include GPS (Global Positioning System) and AIS (Automatic Identification System). Such disruption poses a significant risk to maritime operations, potentially leading to navigational challenges and safety concerns for vessels navigating in the affected area.

In response to this incident, UKMTO advises vessels transiting through the region to exercise caution and remain vigilant. Furthermore, vessels are urged to report any irregular activity or suspicious incidents to UKMTO promptly. Timely reporting of such incidents is crucial for ensuring maritime security and preventing potential threats to vessels and crew members.

The disruption of electronic navigation systems underscores the importance of robust maritime cyber security measures. As technology plays an increasingly vital role in maritime operations, ensuring the integrity and security of navigation systems is paramount to safeguarding vessels from cyber threats. Vessel operators, maritime authorities, and relevant stakeholders must remain proactive in addressing cyber security threats and enhancing preparedness to respond effectively to incidents such as electronic navigation system disruptions.

You can find the circular published by UKMTO below.

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