GPS Anti-Spoofing Device Launched

Totem Plus has introduced a new system to protect vessels against GPS jamming and spoofing, through interference or deliberate intervention by malicious actors.

GPS jamming can be performed using simple equipment transmitting on the same frequency as the positioning system, which stops the genuine GPS signal from being received and processed. GPS spoofing requires more advanced equipment, capable of ‘fooling’ the GPS receiver by sending dedicated signals that will be interpreted as genuine, causing the equipment to report an incorrect position.

The GPS Dome system Totem Plus is offering was developed by fellow Israeli company InfiniDome, and uses military technologies based on the application of unique RF algorithms (known as ‘Null Steering’).

A small hardware unit is added into the to the existing GPS set-up, connected between the antenna and the receiver, providing protection by analysing and then filtering out jamming/spoofing signals, ensuring that the real GPS signal can get through.

Source: DigitalShip

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