Maritime Cyber Security Awareness


Detailed Maritime Cyber Security Awareness course for seafarers and office staff.

Course Curriculum

Ch. 1: Introduction
Introduction 00:00:00
Definitions 00:00:00
Objective 00:00:00
Cyber Security 00:00:00
Why is Cyber Security Important to Ships? 00:00:00
Resilience of Ship Systems and Infrastructure 00:00:00
International Developments 00:00:00
Third-Party Access 00:00:00
Ship-to-Shore Interface 00:00:00
Ch. 01: Self Evaluation 00:10:00
Ch. 2: Nature of Cyber Security
Cyber Security Incident 00:00:00
What are the Threats that Cyber Security is Seeking to Address? 00:00:00
What are the Effects that Threat Actors are Trying to Achieve? 00:00:00
Types of Cyber Attack 00:00:00
Stages of a Cyber Attack 00:00:00
Ch. 3: Ship Assets
Ship Assets Affected by Cyber Security 00:00:00
Bridge Systems 00:00:00
Cargo Handling and Management Systems 00:00:00
Propulsion and Machinery Management and Power Control Systems 00:00:00
Access Control Systems 00:00:00
Administrative and Crew Welfare Systems 00:00:00
Communication Systems 00:00:00
Safety Systems 00:00:00
Common Vulnerabilities 00:00:00
Systems Interdependencies and Architecture 00:00:00
Ch. 4: Technical Protection Measures
Limitation to and Control of Network Ports, Protocols and Services 00:00:00
Configuration of Network Devices 00:00:00
Physical Security 00:00:00
Detection, Blocking and Alerts 00:00:00
Satellite and Radio Communication 00:00:00
Wireless Access Control 00:00:00
Malware Detection 00:00:00
Secure Configuration for Hardware and Software 00:00:00
e-Mail and Web Browser Protection 00:00:00
Data Recovery Capability 00:00:00
Application Software Security (Patch Management) 00:00:00
Ch. 5: Procedural Protection Measures
Training and Awareness 00:00:00
Access for Visitors 00:00:00
Upgrades and Software Maintenance 00:00:00
Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Tool Updates 00:00:00
Remote Access 00:00:00
Use of Administrator Privileges 00:00:00
Physical and Removable Media Controls 00:00:00
Equipment Disposal, including Data Destruction 00:00:00
Obtaining Support from Ashore and Contingency Plans 00:00:00
Ch. 6: Cyber Security Plan
Review of the Cyber Security Plan (CSP) 00:00:00
Monitoring and Auditing of the CSP 00:00:00
Role of Cyber Security Officer (CySO) 00:00:00

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  1. success course


    really useful and success course

  2. More data


    The Course is very interesting. From My point of view it could be integrated by statistics of cyber security incidents and more detailed description of risks and menaces.

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