SIRE 2.0: Cybersecurity Ascends with Phase 3 Launch

OCIMF (Oil Companies International Marine Forum) officially announced on January 22, 2024, the transition to Phase 3 in the SIRE 2.0 programme, marking a crucial milestone in the final stages before going live. During Phase 3, all program users (ship operators) can request trial inspections for SIRE 2.0. These inspections are designed for users to familiarize themselves with the system and conduct testing. Importantly, all trial inspections will be anonymized upon publication and will not be utilized for vetting purposes.

OCIMF highlighted that following the successful completion of Phase 3, the transition to Phase 4 is planned in the coming days. At this stage, SIRE 2.0 will be officially launched, replacing the current VIQ 7. It is anticipated that Phase 4 might commence in July 2024, though the exact timing remains unconfirmed.

Additionally, it was emphasized that SIRE 2.0 incorporates cybersecurity requirements, encompassing technical, operational, and human elements. All program users are urged to comply with these cybersecurity standards. As part of the inspection process, several aspects will be thoroughly examined (but not limited to):

  • Company procedures for cyber risk management.
  • The inventory/register of sensitive IT/OT systems fitted onboard.
  • Records of approval for external local or remote access to sensitive IT/OT systems.
  • Cyber contingency plans in hard copy.
  • Contact details for technical support from the operator’s IT department or external IT contractors.
  • Records of cybersecurity training.

These points reflect OCIMF’s commitment to ensuring comprehensive cybersecurity measures within the maritime industry. Inspections will focus on verifying adherence to these specific cybersecurity protocols to enhance the overall security and resilience of the systems on board. For support related to cybersecurity requirements, ship operators are encouraged to reach out to Cyber Onboard before Phase 4 is initiated.

11 March 2024
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