US, Denmark, the Netherlands Vow to Cybersecurity Collaboration

During the One Conference in the Hague, the Governments of the US, Denmark and the Netherlands shared their vision on sharing a global, open, interoperable, reliable, and secure Internet and stable cyberspace, and commitment to continued collaborative efforts in enhancing cyber security in the maritime sector.

The participants will pay a visit to the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam where they delve into the cyber security issues of port operations and the ship-port interface.

The three participants issued a joint statement according to which the shipping industry is of a great importance for trade and transportation.

Given the direct connectivity of cyberspace and inter-connectivity amongst the international maritime transportation system, it is important to implement an international cooperation to keep the maritime sector digitally secure and promote economic opportunities.

The cyber security remains a critical challenge for the sector there have been flare-ups over the last two years, as specifically in mid-2017, the industry was shaken by a major cyber-attack against Maersk and many more that followed.

Source: Safety4Sea

9 October 2019

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