Academic Papers (Only open access)

2022Aybars OrucTowards a Cyber-Physical Range for the Integrated Navigation System (INS)Download
2020Aybars OrucClaims of State-Sponsored Cyberattack in the Maritime IndustryDownload
2020Bolbot et al.A Novel Cyber-Risk Assessment Method for Ship SystemsDownload
2020Goudosis and KatsikasSecure AIS with Identity-Based Authentication and EncryptionDownload
2020Pavur et al.A Tale of Sea and Sky: On the Security of Maritime VSAT CommunicationsDownload
2020Gary C. KesslerA Demonstration of Capability Scheme to Provide Authentication and Message IntegrityDownload
2019Svilicic et al.Assessing Ship Cyber Risks: A Framework and Case Study of ECDIS SecurityDownload
2019Svilicic et al.Raising Awareness on Cyber Security of ECDISDownload
2019Svilicic et al.Shipboard ECDIS Cyber Security: Third-Party Component ThreatsDownload
2019Svilicic et al.A Study on Cyber Security Threats in a Shipboard Integrated Navigational SystemDownload
2019Aybars OrucTanker Industry is More Ready against Cyber ThreatsDownload
2019Kimberly TamCyber-SHIP: Developing Next Generation Maritime Cyber Research CapabilitiesDownload
2019Tam and JonesSituational Awareness: Examining Factors that Affect Cyber-Risks in the Maritime SectorDownload
2019Tam and JonesA Cyber-Security Review of Emerging Technology in the Maritime IndustryDownload
2019Akash RanaCommercial Maritime and Cyber Risk ManagementDownload
2019Alcaide et al.Critical Infrastructures Cybersecurity and the Maritime SectorDownload
2019Oikonomou et al.An Integrated Maritime Cyber Security Policy ProposalDownload
2018Kessler et al.A Taxonomy Framework for Maritime Cybersecurity: A Demonstration Using the AISDownload
2018Lund et al.An Attack on an Integrated Navigation SystemDownload
2017Bothur et al.A Critical Analysis of Security Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures in a Smart Ship SystemDownload
2017Botunac et al.Analysis of Software Threats to the Automatic Identification SystemDownload
2017Goudossis and KatsikasTowards a Secure Automatic Identification System (AIS)Download
2016Weinert et al.A Domain-Specific Architecture Framework for the Maritime DomainDownload
2016Reilly and JorgensenClassification Considerations for Cyber Safety and Security in the Smart Ship EraDownload
2015Ray et al.Detection of AIS Spoofing and Resulting RisksDownload
2015Lars JensenChallenges in Maritime Cyber-ResilienceDownload
2014Balduzzi et al.A Security Evaluation of AISDownload


2020US PresidentNational Maritime Cybersecurity PlanDownload
2020BIMCOThe Guidelines on Cyber Security onboard Ships (v4)Download
2019USCGCyber Adversaries Targeting Commercial Vessels Download
2018IACSContingency Plan for Onboard Computer based SystemsDownload
2018KVHCrew Connectivity Survey ReportDownload
2018MarlinkWhite Paper on Cyber SecurityDownload
2018ICSReporting Interference to NATODownload
2018ICSPanama Canal - Electronic Fraud AlertDownload

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