Why 50,000 Ships are so Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

The 50,000 ships sailing the sea at any one time have joined an ever-expanding list of objects that can be hacked. Cybersecurity experts recently displayed how easy it was to break into a ship’s navigational …Read More

Profile PhotoAybars Oruc18 November 2018

Cyber Threat on Ships: What is True, What is Vision, What is Fantasy?

Interestingly, the knee-jerk accusation of the United States and Great Britain to have identified Russia as the causer, without being able to provide any evidence. By the way, not today. From a logical point of …Read More

Profile PhotoCapt. Gunter Schütze14 July 2018

Best Practices for Finding Cyber Threats and Vulnerabilities

Last year’s (Not)Petya ransomware attack had a significant impact on Danish shipping giant A.P. Moller-Maersk. In this incident, several port terminals across multiple countries experienced massive disruptions, costing the company $300 million. This security breach …Read More

Profile PhotoAybars Oruc4 July 2018

The Cyber Threat to Maritime Information Systems

The increased dependency of the global economy on maritime trade, coupled with a steady increase in the cyber-threat level emphasises that action is required to secure critical maritime systems against disruptions and service denial, and …Read More

Profile PhotoMick Murden28 June 2018

I, Pirate: A Cyber Story in the Maritime Industry

This article was issued in Maritime Security category of Current Awareness Bulletin (January 2018) by IMO Maritime Knowledge Center. I, Robot – 2004 film adapted from short-story of American author Isaac Asimov has an interesting …Read More

Profile PhotoAybars Oruc18 April 2018

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